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Here at Mound View Garage Doors, we offer quality barn door installation near Neillsville, WI. We are well knowledgeable of the many types of barn doors, and we are confident we can handle your barn door installation promptly. With Mound View Garage Doors, you can find the right type of door that fits your needs. When it comes to your property, we know you need a well-functioning door to protect your assets. To ensure your overhead door will perform correctly, we follow a thorough checklist of important things to check before we leave. When you are in need of barn door installation near Neillsville WI, you can call on your local garage door company to be there for you! 

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Types of Barn Doors

We are highly skilled in each type of barn door. From sliding barn doors to roll up barn doors, you can depend on Mound View Garage Doors to quickly handle your barn door installation. We can install the following type of  barn doors:

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors open and close horizontally. Sliding barn doors can either be a single door or a split door. A single sliding barn door opens in one direction and closes in the other. A split sliding barn door uses two doors that open in opposite directions and meet together in the middle to close. This is the typical choice for barn doors. 

Insulated Barn Doors 

Insulated barn doors are built to control the temperature inside the barn. When you choose an installation barn door, you can choose the thickness of your door, starting at 1-½” up to 3-3-½” thickness. This is an important upgrade for Wisconsin winters to protect your equipment and animals during the worst months of the year. 

Pole Barn Doors 

Pole barns are made of poles and posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide structural support to the building. If you have a pole barn door, you can choose from a sliding door, an overhead door, or a hydraulic door. We can perform your pole barn door installation to ensure your barn remains secure and stable.

Roll Up Barn Doors 

Roll up barn doors work much like standard roll up garage doors. To install a roll up barn door, we would store a cylinder above your door, that will allow your door to roll into itself and store. Because these doors store out of the way and have easy operation, they are becoming a very popular choice to upgrade local barns.

Bifold Barn Doors 

Bifold barn doors use two sections that fold into a “V” when opening. Bifold barn doors are a great option if you need extra headroom and tight insulation. Although this can be a complex install, we are very familiar with bifold barn door installation to ensure you get the best door for your property.

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If you are looking for any of the listed barn door types, call on us to complete your barn door installation near Neillsville WI. When it comes to barn doors near Neillsville WI, Mound View Garage Doors is the best option! Contact us to schedule your barn door installation today! We perform installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure your commercial doors operate at their best. View our Gallery to see more projects we’ve completed near you!